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BMSA Student Spotlight Submissions!

A while back, we made a call for submissions targeting creative work from the med sci community. Today, we are so excited to showcase the incredibly diverse and exceptional submissions! From artwork to poetry, short stories to research papers on genetic technology, you truly delivered! Let's dive right into some of these submissions by our talented cohort!

Priya Modi, Year 4

Artwork - digital painting of a view outside my bedroom window

Mervat Magdy, Year 1

Pencil on paper drawing

Leina Burley, Year 2


Fabbiha Shafiq, Year 1

A pencil sketch and fan art based on the 2019 Joker film. The portrayal of the character of Joker by Joaquin Phoenix left a strong impression on Fabbiha and she was inspired to try pencil sketching his character.

Sabrina Ke, Year 2


Ben, Kalman, Year 3

Poem titled Religion of Four

There is a place that I know,

Where streams of sanity don’t flow.

Beyond the mountains of your mind,

Past the rules of space and time.

In the desert grey of ash,

Sits a pyramid of glass.

Under red sky, purple sun,

Four men sit there all as one.

In a circle, with legs crossed,

Through the beating sun and frost,

Around a single holy pool,

Always searching, never lost.

But this pond, no normal one,

Nor the mystic violet sun,

For the water; tears so deep,

Yes, they sit there four as one.

Roshan Sivarajah, Year 3

Short story titled Grazing in the Grass

The ‘69 Firebird pierces through the horizon. From a distance its glory is undeniable. A

summer haze masks the years of burdening neglect. The rubber meets the road with a fleeting grip as gears churn forward in anguish. Lumbering down the interstate, it wheezes in thirst, finally pulling off the nearest exit for fuel. Sputtering to a halt, the settling cloud of dust can no longer hide its withering demeanour.

**For the complete version of Roshan’s short story, please visit:

Sara Alajrami, Year 1

Research paper regarding CRISPR

How Does CRISPR Work?

How would the world change if technology could alter our genes to prevent diseases? CRISPR gene editing technology can remove mutated genes, preventing mutations which lead to diseases. According to a scientific study by Vidasagar, “CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, and is derived from bacteria’s natural defense mechanism” (Vidyasagar, 2018).

**For the full version of Sara’s Research paper, please visit:

Thank you to everyone who submitted their own creative piece this year. These submissions display the wide plethora of skills and abilities in our program, and we look forward to seeing many more next year!



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