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First Year Courses





Common electives

Psychology 1000

Professor: Various professors

Description:  An introduction to the methods and major findings in scientific psychology to date. Important topics covered include history and methodology, biological psychology, sensation and perception, learning and motivation, verbal and cognitive processes, developmental psychology, social psychology, individual differences (intelligence and personality), and clinical psychology.

Textbook Readings Required: Yes - many of the content is better summarized in the textbook

Course introduction: Click Here for Atkinson's introduction to psych 1000

Past exams/notes: Click here for dropbox

Our Feedback:

  • Required course if considering Neuroscience module

  • An incredibly interesting course if you like psychology; Dr. Mike is an incredible lecturer.

  • The course itself is very memory-based, so take detailed notes on the textbook if you’re aiming for a high 90.

  • The four exams contain only multiple choice questions, so it’s more recognition, less recall.

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