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Valentine’s Gifts for the Science Student in Your Life

Contributor Claire Millard

Courtesy of Redbubble

Cupid is roaming the skies and love is in the air! Valentine’s day is coming up, but that doesn’t mean your wallet needs to take a hit. We often think that we need to be extravagant when it comes to gift-giving. However, I’m here to tell you there are some student-budget friendly ways to show them just how much they MATTER to you!


Create a POSITIVE REACTION in your significant other.

Make them a coupon booklet so that they can cash in some favours and date ideas PERIODICALLY throughout the year. Like a reactant in a reaction, your significant other will love to use them!


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You need to show them that they MATTER.

My first suggestion is a bushel of apples to show them that you GRAVITATE towards them. Still looking for a more personalized option? Make them a scrapbook of the two of you to show them your potential as a couple!


To help your relationship EVOLVE into a new SPECIES of love.

First of all, you should show them that their jokes are HUMOUROUS so make sure you put an effort in expressing just how funny their jokes are! Put in a chuckle or two when you know they’re trying put a smile on your face. A good idea for Valentine’s Day is to take your significant other out for dinner, Garlic’ of London, La Casa, or Restaurant NInety One to name a few,  you can show them that you are CULTURED and you get a good meal with good company.


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Show them that there is no LIMIT to your love.

Tell your significant other that you love them in a new way. DERIVE a homemade card and write the following equation: 9x-7i>3(3x-7u) and then ready, set, solve. They will see that i<3u in no time.

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