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The opportunities Western and London have to offer

Check out I <3 Sci Day

Science rules. I <3 Sci Day Tuesday, September 11 from 2 - 5 p.m. This event allows you to delve into the plethora of scientific opportunities we offer at Western. It’s a mini clubs fair outside Physics and Astronomy at Western. On a self-indulgent note, you can check out the Bachelor of Medical Sciences Association and all that it has to offer here.

Check out Clubs Week

Clubs week Sept 17-21 is a fantastic place to check out all of the registered clubs on campus. From academic, to recreational, to charitable, to athletic clubs — there’s something there for everyone.

Joining clubs is a great way to meet people who share similar interests and a great way to expand your network. You can join as a general member or apply to be an executive member of some clubs for a small fee. Be sure to also check out the intramural clubs at the Rec centre. And a little protip, join clubs you’re actually interested in! You can accomplish so much more if you’re actually passionate about the club.

Wanna know what kinds of clubs are available in advance? Scope out the clubs list here.

Check out Volunteer Opportunities on Campus

If you want to be more involved on a daily or weekly basis, you should look for volunteer opportunities on Campus. You can volunteer just about anywhere if you express your interest, such as the Student Development Centre, the University Student Council, the Wellness Education Centre, the Western Gazette, Western Radio, and more. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it does show you some places you can start to look around.

As well, be on the lookout for emails from the Medical Sciences newsletter and also for volunteer opportunities that are posted or mentioned around campus — i.e. random volunteer fairs at the University Community Centre or random postings on bulletin boards. You can also email or Facebook message certain services on campus to see if they’re looking for any extra help.

Submit works to Campus Media and/or Campus Journals

Ever want to be a published writer? Well now you can be! Campus media and campus journals are always looking for a diverse group of writers to submit works to them.

I know us medsci kids try to avoid writing like the plague, but submitting works is a great opportunity to brush up on some communications skills that will be needed later on in our careers. Often, no writing experience is necessary and you’ll get feedback in a friendly environment. Having published works also looks great on a portfolio or resume. So, what’s there to lose?

Check out Jobs on Campus

Working on campus kills two birds with one stone. You can make a little extra cash and meet cool people on campus. To start off, check out job opportunities at the Spoke, Wave, Rec Centre. You may also be eligible to apply for work study in research or related opportunities to your field. Near the end of the year, you can also apply to work some jobs at the University Student Council, Residence, Western Gazette and so on. If you’re interested in research, email professors or contact lab coordinators for labs that you’re interested in working in. Western Career Central is a great resource you can also use to check out job opportunities both on and off campus during the year.

Check out Volunteer Opportunities within London

Because we go to Western for four years, we should give back to the community that houses it. London is home to many health-related issues like poverty, homelessness, addiction and an HIV/AIDS epidemic. Many of us aspire to be future leaders in healthcare, so what better way to gain experience in the field than working hands on with some of the healthcare problems in London? You can check out some of the London Volunteer Opportunities here.

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