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Guide for Comparing Lab Safety Gloves

Guest Contributor

March 29, 2018

Working in the lab means coming into contact with some dangerous substances and situations — not all of them the same. When it comes to protecting yourself from hazards, some lab workers may believe that one type of protection is as good as any other. But that’s not the case, especially when it comes to lab safety gloves. The protection you use has a serious impact on the risk of serious injuries.

Safety gloves not only have to be the right fit for your hands, but also for the situation in which you’ll be wearing them: they must provide a comfortable fit, an appropriate range of flexibility and motion, and the best level of protection for the situation.

Because a large portion of workplace accidents could have been prevented with proper safety gloves, it’s important for lab workers and anyone who handles dangerous materials to understand the best way to protect their hands at all times. Although all safety gloves intend to protect lab workers’ hands from hazardous situations, not all of them are appropriate for every situation.

For example, some safety gloves are made to protect workers’ hands from caustic substances, but don’t provide adequate protection from sharp objects. Other types of safety gloves insulate against extreme temperatures, but don’t provide the range of movement and manual dexterity required for delicate, detailed work.

These circumstances can make choosing the proper safety gloves for a specific task confusing for individuals who are unfamiliar with the qualities of each type of lab safety glove.

Enviro Tech International has created a guide for choosing lab safety gloves that details all of the various materials, intended uses, advantages and disadvantages of all the types of safety gloves you may encounter in the laboratory environment.

If you’re concerned about getting optimal protection for your hands in a dangerous situation, consult this chart before you start working. This way, you can be sure that you’re using the right safety gloves for every situation.

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