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Make your Years Count: getting involved—the short list

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Looking for ways to get involved? Don’t let university slip by without taking full advantage of all that Western University and the London Community has to offer. Check out the list below for a few of the many extracurriculars available here.

1. Clubs!

There are a plethora of clubs tailored to your interests — from a Harry Potter Club to an Exercise in Medicine club to an Entrepreneurship club. Clubs are such a key part of the university experience. So don’t wait! Register online for clubs here.

2. Volunteer Opportunities

If you want to give back to the community, there are many ways to do so. You can look for volunteer options in the following places on campus:

  • at Radio Western

  • on University Student Council

  • at the Western Gazette

You can also find opportunities listed here:

  • on posters around campus

  • on the Medical Science Newsletters

Western also connects you to other volunteering opportunities outside of campus. Click here to find some volunteer work through Western. If you don’t see anything you like, you can search up volunteer organizations in London and shoot the coordinators an email.

3. Writing Opportunities

Looking to get published? Looking to showcase your writing talents? You can submit to:  


  • The Western Gazette

STEM Related:

  • the Current

  • the Purple Arm

  • the BMSA Blog


Social Sci/Arts Related

  • Iconoclast

  • Open Wide

  • The General Assembly

4. USC Opportunities

Like student government? Check to see what’s going on with our student council here.

5. I <3 Sci Day Clubs

There are many science program related clubs that host events for students including:

  • The Bachelor of Medical Sciences Association

  • Actuarial & Statistical Undergraduate Association

  • Western Undergraduate Neuroscience Society

  • Western Biochemistry Club

Click here for a full list of clubs available through the Science Students’ Council!

6. Job Opportunities

Looking for some extra cash and an opportunity to build your resume? Don’t fret! There are many jobs around campus available for students to apply to:

  • The Spoke

  • The Wave

  • Western Rec Center

  • Hospitality Services

You can also check out the Student Success Center Career page or click here for Westerns Career Central to find more information about jobs on campus or in the London Community.  



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