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Contributor Saniyah Qureshi

Happy new year Mustangs! Looking back, 2020 was an awfully challenging year that was a learning experience for all. Now that we’ve made it through what seemed like a neverending year, and with university starting back up in the coming week, students should make use of this time to rejuvenate and set goals. I’ve come up with a list that you can use to make the most of your 2021!

Spend time on yourself

You’ve worked so hard this semester and it’s time to prioritize yourself! Remember all the things you wish you could be doing during midterm or exam season? This is the perfect time to binge newly released shows, classic movies, or improve on your favourite hobbies. Catch up on sleep if needed or make your favourite meals. Whatever you may choose to do, use this break to reconnect with yourself, prioritize your mental health, recharge, and fulfill your needs to avoid burnout in the upcoming term.

Cherish your time spent with family and friends

Whether you’re living at residence, off-campus or have spent the first term at home, this break’s meant to relax and rewind with your family. Adjusting to online school was a drastic change that most certainly tested our motivation and might’ve also changed our study habits, so we all deserve a well rested break! My all time favourite past times with family have been planning marvel movie night marathons, playing board games/hosting trivia nights, and learning new hobbies together. Although quite a few regions in Ontario have been put under lockdown, make an effort to catch up with your friends through calling or even playing video games together. Make special memories with the remaining time you have for both yourself and your family!

Plan for your upcoming term

A simple yet productive way to spend some of your time this break is to fulfill any credits you’re required to do by the end of the school year. For example, in Psychology 1000 you must earn 6 credits through SONA through participating in psychological studies conducted by the Department of Psychology. If you’re aware of any requirements that are easy to complete, it’s a good idea to get them started so you won’t have to worry about them near the end of the term with exams on the way. You’ve also experienced a term of online classes so you have an idea of what’s expected. Take some time to reflect what studying methods were the most effective, which classes caused difficulty, and how your overall term felt. By reflecting, you’ll know what worked for you, what you need to work on and this overall is a great way to plan out your path to success.

Construct a self-made 2021 calendar

I’ve seen several creative ideas to start off your year productively by noting down your schedule, jotting down any goals/resolutions, committing to dream journals, or keeping track of your own emotional state through a mood board. It’s never too late to start one of these and would be a great tool to reflect upon at the end of the year. Setting goals is also very resourceful as you gain both short-term and long-term motivation which will help you conquer the coming year!

Here’s to a successful 2021!

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