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5 Reasons You Should Enter the Budding Writers Contest

Contributor Vicky Chang

Calling all writers and creatives: BMSA and Western Libraries is bringing you an exciting way to kick off your new year! Our first-ever writing contest has launched and we are accepting submissions until Jan 31st, at 11:59PM. In addition to starting your new year the right way, here are five reasons you should participate and show off your writing:

1)  Prizes!

All your savings going towards tuition and have none of it left for self-spending? We’ve got you covered. The top prize is a $200 Amazon gift card, and three $50 Amazon gift cards will be awarded to the top submission for each category.

2)  Recognition

Sometimes the greatest rewards in life cannot be bought with money – fortunately, the Budding Writers Contest offers both! In addition to winning money to spend on Amazon, the best writing submission and top category submissions will all be published on Scholarships@Western. Whether you are well-versed in writing, or just budding as a writer (pardon the pun…), this can be the perfect way to show off your creativity and communication skills.  

3)  Learn and critically think about something that is happening ALL around us - AI

This year’s theme is artificial intelligence (AI). Whether your interests lie in technology or you want nothing to do with coding, AI affects us all. There unimaginably vast and ever-expanding applications of AI. No matter who you are or what you study, there are many different ways you can show off your creativity with this topic.

4)  A variety of submission categories

There are three different submission categories you can choose to submit to this year: critical essay, personal essay, and short story. If writing well-researched nonfiction pieces are your cup of tea, take a look at the critical essay prompt! The personal essay or short story caters to writers who are interested in writing in a less formal style to express their creativity. You might even dare to step out of your comfort zone and choose a category you’re less familiar with and give it a try. You can only benefit from shooting your shot!

5)  Healthy competition

Think you have what it takes? Find out by submitting your piece and indulging in some healthy competition! BMSA and Western Libraries have put together a panel of judges from a variety of faculties and expertise to fairly choose a winner for each category and one overall winner. Take advantage of this opportunity to get some feedback on the quality of your writing. 

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