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Medical Biophysics

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Medical Biophysics 4467

Description:  Nature and effects of ionizing radiation on biomolecular structures, living cells and tissues. Genetic effects and methods of radiation protection. Radiobiological implications of diagnostic and therapeutic radiation.

Medical Biophysics 4475

Description:  Physical principles underlying medical imaging. Modalities covered: x-rays, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, ultra-sound, and magnetic resonance imaging. Topics include signal generation, detection and the associated mathematics to produce medically useful images, and factors affecting resolution and sensitivity.

Medical Biophysics 4971

Description:  Major laboratory course in experimental biophysics for fourth-year Honors Specialization Medical Biophysics (Clinical Physics Concentration). The three components are: a major experimental project related to Clinical Physics (topic and advisor chosen in consultation with the student), scientific communication (student presentation and reports), and electronic information processing (data capture, computer analysis of biophysical signals).

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