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CHemical Biology

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Biochemistry 4415

Description:  This course will explore how metabolic pathways are currently being re-engineered in microorganisms to produce drugs that are otherwise difficult to manufacture. We will also investigate how drug targets are being identified using newly developed chemical genetic screening methods. The impact of both approaches on medicine will be evaluated.

Biochemistry 4425

Description:  The course will cover applied aspects of protein chemistry in biotechnology and protein design. Topics covered will include applications of modern analytical and biophysical techniques used in proteomics and related biochemical analyses, protein structure design, and antibody engineering.

Chemical Biology 4500

Description: The major laboratory course for students in the Honors Specialization in Chemical Biology. Under the supervision of a faculty member, students will work on an independent research project, submit reports, write a thesis describing research findings and present and defend their findings in an oral seminar. Professional development activities include: skills for critical analysis of research, writing technical reports, ethics.

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